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Freeware - Free medical flash card program - Freeware
Office 2000, Office 2002, Office XP

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Medical, Nursing, Physiology, Clinical, Pharmacology, Anatomy
flash cards and more !!
 Run on office 2000, 2002 and XP.

This might work on Office 97 but, I haven't tried it.)

The program is very simple to use.
Download the 2 Word.doc files,  Excel.xls database and the Word.doc instructions individually.
Important !!!!!
Read this before downloading !!!!

 For the "answer document" to print on the back of the " question document" and have
the questions and answers lined up properly, You must install Arabic language support!
This will allow your system to read right to left and left to right.

Don't panic!
It is not as hard as it sounds and your system will still be in your original language such as, "English"
 by default' unless you select a different default language. This will only add the ability to read programs set up to read "left to right" and "right to left"  in your English language programs.

( Instructions on how to do this for Office 2000, Office 2002 and Office XP are included
 in the "Instruction.doc" download)or Click here

Screen Shots of flash card program Office 2000
Click on pictures for larger views

Screen shot flash card Excel database sample

Screen shot flash card Word.doc sample questions

Click on these links for additional screenshots
Database Excel template    Database Excel sample
Answers Word template   Answers Word sample
Questions Word template    Questions Word sample

Click on these links for instructions to merge these documents in Office 2000 Office XP

Frequently asked questions:

1.Why do I have to install Arabic language support?
    In order for the "database template" to merge the information in the correct position on the "answer template", Windows needs the ability to read "right to left". The answers or back side of the flash card must print opposite of the question document. This way the correct question and answer will be on the correct flash card.

2. Do I have to know how to read Arabic to use this program?
NO ! By installing Arabic language, Windows also installs the function to read documents right to left. Your default language and keyboard will stay in English unless you tell Windows to change your default. The "answers template" needs the ability to load the database to read right to left to line the questions with the answers.

3. How do I install Arabic language?
The instructions to install Arabic in Office 2000 and Office XP are included in the instructions.doc below. Create a folder in your "My Documents" or on your "Desktop", label it "Flash Cards". Right click the files below and select "save target as", choose your "Flash card" folder to save it in.

4. Do I have to delete all the sample questions and answers on the database sample to use my own?
No! The "database template" is blank. Just enter your questions and answers and save your work. The sample page is just an example.

5. How do I print the questions and answers on the same piece of paper?

 Print your questions first. The first page must be on the bottom of the stack and the last page must be on top when printed side is visible to you (So, if you were reading your question sheets you would read the last page 1st and the 1st page last)  If your printer is set up to print opposite of this then you MUST reset your printer to print first page first.  NOW, flip your pages side-to-side (NOT top-to-bottom).  Re-insert your pages into the printer making sure that the tops go into printer first..  Now, open and merge your answers into the answer template just as you did with the question template and print.
If you sorted, flipped, and re-inserted correctly the answers will correlate to the questions on the opposite side of sheets.

6. How do I merge the database with the Word documents?
Click Here for merging instructions for Office 2000 and Office XP. The instructions are also included in the "instructions.doc" file below

Free Flash card download

1. Create a folder in your "My Documents" or on your Desktop and name it "Flash Cards"
2. Right click on the files below and select "Save target as"
3. In the dialog box, browse to your "Flash card" folder on your hard drive and click "Save"
4. repeat the steps for ALL four files.

Right click the files and select " Save target as"



sampledatabase.xls     - (optional) Sample Pharmacology questions. This file is not needed to run your program

 Right click one of the instruction files and select "save target as". Instructions can be downloaded in either Word.doc format or PDF format. You don't need both.
           Word format

instructions.pdf            PDF format 

Flashcard Home     How to merge flashcards Office XP    How to merge flashcards Office2000
Downloads    How to install languages

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